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MS Designs is an Interior Design Studio focused on providing exceptional service and creative solutions to make your space the envy of all. Our small but hardworking team has the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.


 Let us show you how we can make your space truly special.


Our interior design studio was founded by an ambitious creative pursuing her passion for design. She started her studies in Mumbai, India, then transferred to Florence, Italy, where she had the opportunity to learn and grow as an interior designer. It was there that she gained the skills, knowledge, and inspiration that would eventually lead to the creation of this studio and our commitment to excellence has made us a leader in the industry.


At our interior design studio, we draw inspiration from a variety of sources. Our founder, originally from Jaipur, the city of design, found early inspiration in traditional Indian styles. Later, she was inspired by the beauty of nature and the imaginative sets seen in movies. We explore these inspirations to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs that bring beauty and comfort to our clients' homes.

Gulalwadi Circle, Charni Road
Prospekt Mira, 14
+91 9001056999
+7 (915) 064 4699
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